• 4v4 for adults
• 5v5 for youth
• Blocking on the line of scrimmage
• Hand fighting only - no hard contact rushing
• No jamming on the line

• You are automatically down when your flag falls out. If you catch a ball with one flag in, you are down where you caught the ball.

• You must rush 1 player. If no rush QB can run, take yardage, or 3 yard penalty. Repeat down.

• No pushing opposing players out of bounds. Zero tolerance - immediate disqualification from game. 5 yard penalty from spot of foul. Automatic first down.

• No Hurdling/ Diving - 3 yard penalty from spot of infraction

• Flag guarding/stiff arm - 3 yard penalty

• Holding offensive player to grab flag - 3 yard penalty

• Equipment not in right place (flags no on hips, jersey not tucked in under flags) Replay down

• One foot needs to be in bounds only

• Where flag is pulled, runner is down. No extending ball for extra yardage.

• Block in back - loss of down, 3 yard penalty from spot of foul.

• No stripping the ball

• 20 second play clock once ball is set by referee

• 2pt conversion from 5 yard line.

• Teams must bring white shirt and dark shirt each game - guest team will change

• Trash talking, taunting - 3 yard penalty & warning to player or players. Two times and you're out.

If you have any questions on these rules, please contact Gerd at (509) 307-1055