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At the Central Washington Soccer Academy, our step-by-step teaching methods create a clear picture of each skill through demonstration, explanation, and participation. Featuring an experienced coaching staff and a safe, healthy and FUN learning environment.

Our professional staff consists of master teachers whose demonstrations include demanding instruction and step-by-step clarification to bring out the most sensitive technical points for you to grasp and imitate.

Our ability to teach with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, enhanced by our playing backgrounds, means that each participant will leave a better soccer player, teammate, and individual. We believe that camp should be both educational and fun!

Winter Camps


The camp schedule typically includes two sessions, each approximately one hour and fifteen minutes in length. At the conclusion of the second session, two fifteen minute games are played. This allows the campers to use the skills learned during the day against the competition.


A key element of CWSA camps is giving participants an opportunity to observe instructors demonstrating the skills to be learned in that session.  Each session will include a demonstration which is an important part of the learning experience.


The majority of each session is spent in developing the skills demonstrated by practicing them under the direction of the instructors. Fundamentals, as well as tactics and technique, are emphasized through drills, games, and individual instruction.


Campers are organized into teams and encouraged to apply the skills and tactics that they learned in a game situation supervised by the instructors. The camper will be able to have fun playing the game as well as put into practice what they have seen and practiced.

Camp FAQs

They should bring a waterbottle, as well as any allergy or emergency medicine if needed.
They should wear comfortable clothes to run and jump around in, as well as socks (socks are important for playtime in the Bounce Houses), and athletic shoes.
We do provide snack two times a day that includes snacks like; cheese crackers, pretzels, popcorn or vanilla wafers. If your child is staying all day long they should bring a bagged lunch with them.
Well qualified and trained coaches are with the kids at all times. They love what they do, and are great with , of all ages! Coach to camper ratio is: ages 3-5 = 1 : 7 ages 6-7 = 1 : 10 ages 8-12 = 1 : 15
Campers are grouped primarily by age, but we do take into account individual differences in social and cognitive development. Each group follows a specific curriculum designed to meet the needs of the campers.
You should contact the camp coordinator when checking your child in at the front desk. Let them know of any allergies or medication your child may need, such as an EpiPen. They will notify the rest of the staff and have the medicine kept in a safe and centrally located area. Please note that we are unable to assist children in administering their medications.